Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review Policy

Review Information:

Picnic Reads accept book review requests for any novels appropriate for Young Adults & Teens. Please consider that I live in Australia and that I prefer hard copy/paperback review copies. 

Requests can be sent to but please make sure that your requests suits all of the guidelines on this post and that your email includes all the information required on my Contact Me page before sending it through.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that every review request that is sent to me will be accepted. I would love to accept all of the book requests but I can only accept a select few due to the fact that I wouldn't be able to read that many books on time.

For those whose requests are accepted: I try hard to review all books as soon as possible, but some book reviews may be posted late. Please factor this in. If you want a review up on a specific time, let me know if your email, and I will try to make that date but I cannot always guarantee that my post will be up.
I am honest with all book reviews. Please don't be rude if you don't like my thoughts. The review is my personal opinion.

Rating Scale: I rate in numbers 1-5 in stars. All ratings are:

0- Did not finish this book couldn't make halfway through.
0.5- Did not finish this book, only made it three quarters of the way through.
1- I finished this book, and strongly disliked it.
1.5- This book was very hard to read and I disliked it.
2- I didn't like this book at all, although there were small (rare) bits I liked
2.5- I didn't like this book, but there were some bits I found entertaining.
3- This book was average. I liked it, but it didn't blow me away!
3.5- This book had me conflicted. I liked half, disliked half.
4-This book was great, it had small errors but strongly enjoyed it.
4.5- Absoloutley loved this book, but had one to two tiny issues.

Please note at this current time I am not accepting ebooks for review.
Please don't plagiarise my work. No portion of this website can be copied unless written consent is given by the blog owner. 

Julia x


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