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NON-SPOILER Review of One True Thing by Nicole Hayes

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Today I am going to do another review on another great book! I requested this book  for review and it was sent to me from the author, so thanks so much for this book Nicole!

Author: Nicole Hayes
Published: 01/05/2015
Imprint: Random House Australia Children's
Extent: 400 pages

So here is the blurb:
When is a secret not a secret? When your whole life is public. 

Frankie is used to being a politician's daughter, but with her mum now running for Premier, life's a whole lot crazier than usual. All Frankie wants is to lose herself in her music. So when her best friend, Kessie, invites a student journo to interview the band, Frankie is less than thrilled. 

But Jake's easy to talk to, and he seems to really like Frankie. That doesn't stop her from wondering if he's just after the ultimate scoop, especially when photos surface of Frankie's mum having a secret rendezvous with a younger man. With her family falling apart around her, Frankie is determined to find out the truth - even if it means losing Jake.

Starting with the World: The world was set in the present and was perfectly described. In fact, the setting was in Melbourne, Australia. I could clearly imagine the school and cafeteria because of the work that Nicole has done to create effective imagery.

Characters: So there were a lot of characters in this novel and I am just going to talk about a few of them! Also please keep in mind this is a non-spoiler review so I'm not going to say anything that hasn't been stated in the blurb.

Frankie: So our main character Frankie is a strong teenager. Put in unusual circumstances, I couldn't imagine a better teenage character to through the issues that have been put in this novel at. I loved Frankie as a character and found it intriguing to be inside her head. Frankie had so many amazing qualities including, forgiveness, kindness and that she is the most caring big sister any sibling could ask for. As wonderful as Frankie is, she is also stubborn, bossy and can make assumptions within a blink of your eyes. I think that it's all of these qualities combined that make Frankie such a diverse and relatable character. Her hobbies include writing music for her band 'No Politics, ' being anti-politics and listening to Pearl Jam.

Kessie, Van & Tyler: Frankie's Best Friends who also adore music and make up the rest of 'No Politics.' These three amigos support Frankie throughout the novel, when being a Politicians daughter get's too tough. Kessie is a bright bubbly character who loves to protest (Frankie's closest friend.) Van is a down to earth, doesn't-like-to-speak-to-much kind of guy. Tyler, a quiet, gothic character who has a heart of gold.

Frankie's Mum: By far the most prominent family member, Frankie's Mum, Rowena is a Politician. Barely ever home with the family, Frankie sees her Mum more on the T.V then at home. Harassed by the media day in and day out, Rowena is the tough Mum that every kid hopes for, until one moment where everything changes...
*Cliff Hanger*

Plot & Style of Writing: It was really cool to see how Nicole builded the plot and I felt that it was really well planned out. The style of writing was smooth and gave the reader a good look inside Frankie's thoughts.

Improvements: The only improvement I would have to make for this book would be the chapters. I felt that the chapters were a bit choppy and cut off heaps of novel time. The last paragraph would start from the middle of one event (night-time) then end the chapter and start in the middle of the morning. Although this is only a small issue I found that it happened frequently and I would've preferred it to have started from the place of the last chapter (unless the event dragged on to long, then I would've started at a different time.)

Cover: Chic. White, with Rainbow Covered Buildings and thick, bold title in a wobbly font that covers half of the page!

Overall I give this book a:
4.3 Stars out of 5 Stars!
I think that all ages 13 & Up would enjoy this book.
Definite buy online or at a bookshop!
Where to Read: Bed
Gift? Yes. In floppy paperback!
Product to go with Cover: Tie Dye Building Canvas.

You can buy this online at:

Nicole's Website:


Thanks & I hope you enjoyed!

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hi Bookies,

I am so so so so sorry about my lack of posts lately! I have finally decided that I will be posting every Monday! These posts could be anything bookish! So here is my next post on a Tuesday...

So today I am going to be talking about my new Goodreads Account.!

Goodreads is a great way to organise what books you are reading, have read & want to read. I have really enjoyed categorising my books & organising books that I will review for you and soon read.

It's also a nice way to connect and get updates from authors.

I am yet to join a book group but I can't wait to when I do. It's a great way to immerse yourself with other readers & also talk about your favourite books and series. (I know I sound Cliche)

You can also discuss your favourite books and series with other people who share the same love of those books aswell.

I really hope that anyone who hasn't joined will soon! It's really fun and I am thinking of starting a group, so that all of my viewers can join and we can interact!

Below is the link to my goodreads:

Thanks & Look out for new posts each Monday,
Julia x

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Some Updates!

Hi Bookish Picnickers,

Today I have decided to do a quick post to let you guys know why I haven't posted in so long & also just generally update you with some thing that have been happening!

So jumping into it:

1.  I have recently received a review copy of 'One True Thing' by Nicole Hayes from Nicole (Thanks so much to Nicole & Penguin for sending me the copy) so I will be starting that book soon for review. Please check out Nicole's website here:

2. Posts Coming: Scarlet Review Information in Point 3. I also attended a book signing/ author talk at Melbourne Writers Festival last week with Melissa Keil ( which was great (Post coming next week.) Also, a huge thanks to Mindy McGinnis who let me do a short interview over email with her! This will become a guest post soonish, in the meantime check out Mindy here: !

3. I am now only a few chapters away from finishing Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (2nd book in the Lunar Chronicles Series) and that review should be up within the next 2 weeks.

4. Also, thanks for your patience. I have had a lot of studying to do this week so I haven't been able to post anything. Also thanks to the publishers who have contacted me, and sorry to the ones who I haven't gotten back to you. I will reply by next week!

Thats all for now!

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