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A Review of Hamilton The Revolution Written like I was running out of time

Did you like that title? Well it took me forever to get it right so I really hope you did. (Also I have no idea why I put the writing over the title page of the book. I had this photo of the book so I just went with it I guess)

Oh and by the way this review is just going to be Hamilton gifs and puns non stop so beware. (If you got the pun I am very impressed! You, my friend, are obviously a Hamilton lover as well)

If you don't know what Hamilton is, it is an American rap musical about one of the Founding Father's of America, Alexander Hamilton. All of music and lyrics are written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 
This musical is massive in America but unfortunatley isn't as well known in Australia! I absoloutley love this musical in case you can't already tell & I'd love for some more Aussie's to jump on the Hamilton bandwagon with me! 

I'm not joking when I say I this is one of my favourite musicals (I mean I even bought a Hamilton necklace!)

So thanks to Hachette Australia, I was sent a copy of Hamilton: The Revolution which is a massive, harcover, embossed book written by Lin-Manuel Miranda himself & Jeremy McCarter! Side note: Lin is one of the nicest people! He is so humble and just so sweet and I really really want to meet him.  Anyway back to business after this gif of Lin:
Image result for lin manuel gifs

Hamilton: The RevolutionHamilton: The Revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter 
Published by Hachette Australia
Imprint is Little, Brown
Published in October 2016
Aus RRP: $65.00

Lin-Manuel Miranda's groundbreaking musical Hamilton is as revolutionary as its subject, the poor kid from the Caribbean who fought the British, defended the Constitution, and helped to found the United States. Fusing hip-hop, pop, R&B, and the best traditions of theater, this once-in-a-generation show broadens the sound of Broadway, reveals the storytelling power of rap, and claims our country's origins for a diverse new generation.

Thankyou SO much to Hachette Australia for sending me this book for review! However, this doesn't effect my opinion.
Image result for hamilton gifs

I loved this book! It's like being inside the mind of one of my inspirations. Knowing how Lin created a certain song and how ideas came in to his mind is just so inspiring. I knew before this book that Lin is an absolute genius but seriously, reading over every single lyric in this book has made me even more in awe of Lin than I already was. I listen to at least one Hamilton song almost every day and the ability Lin has to story-tell and portray emotion in his songs is astounding. When I read each song in this book, every single lyric, every rhyme you realise how intelligent and talented a person would have to be to write a musical such as this one.  

Image result for hamilton gifs

I really liked the behind the scenes chats and chapters written with/by the actors and reading about how they got their roles in the play and how they relate to the person they portray. What especially touched me was Chris Jackson's story (The man who plays George Washington in this musical) but I want to leave his story for those who read this book. Everyone that makes up the Hamilton cast is so wonderful and I honestly just love them all. 
Image result for hamilton gifs

Tiny things that I had never noticed before were made a note of in this book and I just loved learning about all of the detail Lin put in to this musical. Things like having the same actor play a fellow solider in the Act One and then in Act 2 have him be a politician on the opposing side and the actor says 'We fought with him' I mean that is just something I wouldn't have noticed if not for this book! 
Related image
One of my favourite parts to read in this book where the lyrics to each of Hamilton's songs and Lin's notes next to them. The lyrics were written over photos of the specific scene which it is sung in which looked very stylish on the page. In the margins, were typed up notes with numbers, so whenever you got to a word with a number there was a note in the margin from Lin.  These could be anything from where the idea for a line came from, what the lyrics to a line use to be and why Lin changed it to what the line is now, to a story about where this song was written and how it came to be! I loved reading these little notes, hence why they were one of my favourite parts! It's something about learning more about the meaning of a certain song, and getting to know the person who created it.

Image result for hamilton gifs

Of course reading about those who work tirelessly behind the scenes is also a massive part of this book. The amount of people that are needed to make a play like this is unbelievable and the people who work in costuming, sound, lighting, choreography & everything else I've missed need to be commended for their brilliant efforts. 

The stories in this book are so heartfelt I felt an absolute myraid of different emotions whilst reading. Some stories were absoloutley hilarious whilst others were so sad that I almost cried. A common theme that can be found throughout this book, is hope. An emotion that was so vital in the making of this play.
Image result for hamilton burn gifs
In this book, Lin also discusses the importance of diversity and acceptance in modern America. Which I think is something that is very important no matter where you live.  Lin talks about casting people of colour and the impact it's had on school students. He told stories of students who were absoloutley delighted that Lin had cast a Latin man as George Washington. Christopher also talks in this book about how seeing a Latin George Washington as a child would have changed everything for him. Diversity is something that is so important in our society, and I absoloutley love how Hamilton is actively playing a role in helping diversity. 

Bits & Bobs: 
  • The embossed cover is absoloutley stunning! I really love the deckled pages as well the whole book is really well presented and I really like how photos of scenes from the live musical are incorporated in to this book. Only thing would be for bigger text, but that's it! Since it's a bigger book, I would've liked the type just to be a tad bigger.
  • A bit beside the point but the Hamilton Mixtape is coming out soon! An album of singers like Alicia Keys, Usher and Sia all singing Hamilton songs!! I'm soooo excited for that aswell! 

If you are a Hamilton fan, definitely read this book. If you aren't a Hamilton fan, read this book and hopefully you'll become a fellow Hamilton lover! 

Have you heard of Hamilton before? Do you love this musical? Or have you not (and if you haven't HOW? Also will you start listening to the songs/read this book?)

Friday, 18 November 2016

That's right, ACOTAR 3 has a name & I have opinions

That's right people, ACOTAR 3 has an official name!

I repeat this is the Sarah J Maas-approved kind of official.

It was revealed by the Bloomsbury (the books publisher) this morning!

But before I chat about it to you, if you don't already know what it's called, take a guess, fill in the blanks below! (Handy hint: look at the hashtag at the bottom and the letters in it, I didn't see them at first, so if you missed them don't worry so did I)
Alright, leave a comment telling me what you guessed and.....

*drum roll please* 
Image result for que drums gif
The title is A Court of Wings and Ruin.

Confirmation that Sarah has announced this....because if I were you I would need this evidence before I allowed myself to obsess over what the title could MEAN. Even though the fact that I have inserted a graphic should probably be enough evidence that this is real because I just cannot make graphics.

So I really like this title my guess was that it would be A Court of War and Ruin which now that I look at it doesn't really sound like a fantasy type of title but it, but there have been hints that there will be several high-lords warring over alliances with Feyre, and of course everything that is happening with the King of Hybern. There were also many to suggest that title was A Court of Wrath and Ruin which I liked, but I think sounds too similar to The Wrath and The Dawn. 

I'm super happy that the title follows the A Court of ____ and ____ theme. I really hope that the whole series titles flow like this because it's unique for this series and basically a title aesthetic. (I don't think a title aesthetic is actually something you can say but you understand what I mean, right?)

I am also really liking the simplicity of these titles. Thorns & Roses, Mist & Fury, Wings & Ruin, they're all words that are short and simple but stick in your head. Could you imagine the title being A Court of Chrysanthemums (using the flower theme here) & Silhouettes (Using mist/shadow aesthetic surrounding ACOMAF)I mean that would just be too hard to say. Imagine having to write a review or recommend the book to a friend!!

Your friend: Any book recommendations
Your friend: Ooh go ahead, I'll write them down so I don't forget.
You: Ok, so I really like A Court of Chrysanthemums and Sil---
Your friend: Sorry how do you spell that word, chrys--?
You: C-H-R-Y-S-A (because you memorized how to spell the title for times like these)
Your friend: Goodbye, I'm done.

In case you were wondering 'What are chrys-i-don't-knows' They're these flowers. (Also I had to just start by searching up chrys, and wait until google auto-filled because I have no idea how to spell that word.) BUT HOW FUNNY THAT IT ENDS WITH 'MUMS' ahh it's just such interesting spelling, I don't think you pronounce it like that?

I am very happy with this title, and I'm so excited for the new book! It's time to wait for the cover reveal, which let's hope is coming soon!

For now, I have to practise typing A Court of Wings and Ruin as an acronym. 


I will make sure to post about the cover and I think I'll have another post on what I hope/am thinking will happen with ACOWAR (This acronym, so new and exciting!)

So tell me, do you like this title & how excited are you for the next book?

Saturday, 12 November 2016

It's about time I talk anticipated releases for next year (part one 2017)

I'm starting to get really excited about the books coming out next year! 

I know that some of these books were announced they were getting published AGES ago, but it felt too far away then, now we're almost there. Can you believe it? (If I had a dollar for every time someone said that....)

are sooooo many books I want to read next year! So this is a part one and I have nooo idea how many parts there'll be, but there will definitely be a part 2! 

The Hate U GiveThe Upside of UnrequitedCaraval (Untitled, #1)Daughter of the Pirate KingWonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons Series)Untitled (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)When Dimple Met RishiHistory Is All You Left Me
All images Goodreads

Before I get in to this acronyms will be used. You probably know what they mean, but just in case you were like me a year ago and have no idea what I'm talking about:

ACOTAR: A Court of Thorns and Roses
ACOMAF: A Court of Mist and Fury


LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFULNESS OF THESE COVERS (sorry about the ACOTAR 3 cover/title NEITHER HAS BEEN RELEASED YET BUT HEY, at least we have a synopsis. Right?)

Release dates confuse me SO SO SO very much. All these American release dates and Australian ones get mixed up & sometimes they change, so I'm just going to use the earliest date it may be a UK/US/AUS release date, so don't quote me. 

The Hate U Give: 28th of February 

This book is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement & I can't wait to read it. It is a contemporary novel that tackles things such as racism and violence through the eyes of a sixteen year old girl caught in the middle between her home life, in a poor neighbourhood and her school life, in a suburban school. This book sounds really great and I can't wait to read it, I think it covers some very important issues, in modern day society.  

The Upside of Unrequited: 11th of April

I recently finished Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and I loved it! The Upside of Unrequited is a contemporary novel, written by the same author, I love Becky's writing style & I can't wait for this book! It's about two twins and a whole heap of romance by the sounds of things. Becky told us that there's cookie dough involved, so I'm totally sold (even though I would've 100% read it anyway)

Caraval: 31st of January

So I haven't talked about Caraval too much on my blog, but I have been ARC hunting for this book EVERYWHERE. I was unsuccessful. But this book sounds SO GREAT! It's kind of a dark circus game-y book set in a Fantasy world and it sounds absoloutley awesome! It also sounds like sisterhood is a major theme in the book WHICH I'M MORE THAN A BIT HAPPY ABOUT.

Daughter of The Pirate King: 28th of February 

Pirates!!! What more needs to be said? I'm super excited to read the fantasy tale of a 17 year old GIRL PIRATE, OUR MAIN CHARACTER. I'm always up for pirates and especially strong females who VOLUNTEER THEMSELVES TO GO SEARCH FOR HIDDEN MAPS ON ENEMY SHIPS. 

Wonder Woman Warbringer: 29th of August 

Overall I'm super excited for the DC Icons Series (with Marie Lu doing Batman, Sarah J Maas doing Catwoman & Matt de la Pena doing Superman) and very excited for Bardugo's take on Wonder Woman! So far Wonder Woman has been the only cover released. I can't wait to read about all of these teenage superheroes. I'm not much of a comic book reader, but I'd love to start reading some of them!! I know the basics, so it will be really great to read these books and learn some more!! As far as I know, the series will be published at different points throughout 2017.

A Court of Thorns and Roses 3: 3rd of May

DOES ANYMORE NEED TO BE SAID?! I lovvvveeeee this series & I can't wait to hear all about Feyre and RHYSAND! (PLEASE MORE RHYSAND) this book will follow Feyre as she returns to the Spring Court to spy on Tamlin & the King of Hybern. I can't contain my excitement for this book, I need a title and cover to look at whilst I wait!! I need to get off Pinterest, reading all of the Tumblr headcanons, funny conversations readers make up between characters & CERTAIN PAGES OF THE BOOK just make me want book three EVEN MORE. (I may have to re-read ACOMAF)

When Dimple Met Rishi: 30th of May

This is a contemporary book based on an Indian-American main character. It's described as a kind of rom-com book which has me very excited!! Dimple is an inspiring web designer who's Mother is obsessed with finding her the 'ideal Indian husband' and Rishi is a romantic who loves tradition and is more than happy to be arranged because he believes in the power of tradition. Dimple and Rishi are then both sent to the same web-design program over the summer and Rishi tries to woo Dimple! I can't wait to read this book, it sounds like a really great contemporary read!

History is All You Left me: 17th of January 

This is a contemporary novel based on a guy named Griffin who has OCD and has just lost his first love Theo in a drowning accident. Griffen forges a friendship with Theo's ex-boyfriend, Jackson, in an attempt to piece together his past. Griffin starts to see that Jackson is showing signs of guilt, he begins to try and find what Jackson is hiding. This book sounds really interesting, it deals with OCD, loss  and grieving and I think this is an important book to add to your TBR for next year.

So there's my list! Tell me, are you looking forward to any of these books? What books should I look out for?

Monday, 7 November 2016

A bookworm who has never read Harry Potter, is it possible?


But it's quite rare.

And that rare little bookworm is me.

*insert super embarrassed emoji here*

Image result for harry potter gif oh no

(I think that's Snape, but honestly I have no idea)

I KNOW, it's shameful & when I told my fellow bloggers they ran at me with pitch forks (It was terrifying)

But it made me think it's about time I started reading Harry Potter & I need to say this publicly otherwise it will NEVER happen.

The main reasons I haven't read these books are because the series is really long and THE COMMITMENT. I mean 8 books is a lot (and the last books are super long.) But I hear that they are worth it, so I think let's give it ago. Also damn that hype EVERYONE LOVES HARRY POTTER, what if I don't?

SO, starting this December, I'm going to try and read one (or more) Harry Potter book per month.

I've heard that they're kind of Christmas-y so what better time to start than in December?

P.S I also took the Pottermore test and I was put in Hufflepuff. Some of the questions referred to the books though so I've been told I need to re-take the test after I have finished the books. I want to take the test and actually UNDERSTAND what's happening and what Hogwarts actually is.

*all of you guys reading this right now*

This is me looking for these gifs:

Because I have actually avoided most Harry Potter spoilers, apart from one. It involves Dumbledore no more needs to be said. I really don't want to be spoiled again for the series because I just don't want the be spoiled for such an important childrens (?) series.  

So let me know, would you like a selection of posts under the tag JuliaReadsHarryPotter for after I read each book?

I also need to know what this butterbeer thing is? 

The hardcovers are gorgeous aswell. Ahhh the box sets 
Image result for wow harry potter gif

Ok so there are a lot of things influencing my decision on reading this book.

So if I read a book per month (excluding Cursed Child) by June next year (or earlier if I read more than just one book)

Have you read Harry Potter? If not, I know the struggles, If yes, do you love them?! 

If you want to catch up on my first time reading Harry Potter just look at my labels and click on JuliaReadsHarryPotter for all of my updates.

Julia x

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wrapping Up October 2016 (Reading all the releases Crooked Kingdom + Gemina)

This month I basically abandon all books I need to read for a deadline & READ ALL THE NEW RELEASES because of logic. I also go to the Gemina Book Launch and GET EXCITED FOR ALL THE BARDUGO NEWS!

The Books I Have Purchased:

I bought a copy of Gemina this month. At the launch, there were copies for sale and I was meeting the authors, so I really wanted a copy signed. I couldn't resist. It was a good thing I did buy it, because I loved it SO SO much more than Illuminae.

Books I have received from the wonderful humans called publishers:
(Thankyou so much to Hachette Australia, Harper Collins Australia, Pan Macmillan & Walker Books Australia)
Hamilton: The RevolutionA Million Worlds with You (Firebird, #3)Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)Moon ChosenSnow White: A Graphic Novel
Photos: Goodreads

The Books I've Read This Month:
(Sorry about the different heights of the books)

This Savage Song by Victoria SchwabSimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky AlbertalliCrooked Kingdom by Leigh BardugoGemina by Amie KaufmanSnow White by Matt PhelanThe Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide+ Beta Read
Photos: Goodreads

This Savage Song: 
Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda: 
Crooked Kingdom: ★ (4.5 or 5)
Gemina: ★ (4.5 or 5)
Snow White: A Graphic Novel: ★.5
The Guest Cat: 

Book of the Month:
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens AgendaGemina (The Illuminae Files, #2)Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)

This month's Book of The Month segment became more of a Trio of Books of The Month. I couldn't choose between these three books.

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda was an absolute bundle of adorableness, which I don't know why I didn't read sooner, but it has me super excited for Becky's next book coming out soon! 

Gemina was just space epicness. I don't read much sci-fi, because I often find it hard to understand, which is what I mainly struggled with in Illuminae. I really liked Gemina because I don't know why but things were explained clearer and I just overall could understand what was happening. The characters were hilarious and the design was as usual awesome, I can't wait to see how this series ends.

Crooked Kingdom was all the feels. I loved getting back with all of the Six of Crows characters! Although sometimes the action scenes and plotting could confuse me a bit, I loved Bardugo's writing style & the characters so much. I actually cried reading this book, because just that one part.....ahhh *sniffle*

Currently Reading:
I'm currently not reading anything, I just finished The Guest Cat yesterday & haven't got to reading anything else as of yet, BUT I really want to read Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard so maybe I should get on to that! 

What's happened this month:

+ I finished my first year-long book challenge in a Goodreads Group! I can't believe I actually did it wow! 

+As of yesterday, I read my 70th book of the year!

+I WENT TO THE GEMINA BOOK LAUNCH! I got to meet Jay & Amie (the co-authors of Illuminae & Gemina) and all of the bookish crew again! The event was amazing! I am writing a wrap up for the launch so that'll be up next month. 

+I've also taken a lot of pictures for my bookstagram when I went away for a night. They are a bit foodie as well but who doesn't like food?!

+ Also this month I posted a few reviews & a post on Why anyone who wants to write a book can, so if you'd like, you can have a look at them as well!

+ALSO we found out this month that Leigh Bardugo is writing more BOOKS! If you haven't already, click this link to read the blurb & add it to your Goodreads!  It sounds amazing!!! I can't wait! 

What's On This Week (Posting Wise)
I posted a review of Snow White: A Graphic Novel on Saturday & this post is on during the week. But next week...hmm I don't know! Need to get planning.

Julia x