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TSAR'S GUARD SPOTLIGHT TOUR // Character Based Book Tag

I have been lucky enough to be selected for Tsar's Guard Spotlight Tour which is being run by the brilliant, Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

This is a blog tour to celebrate The Crown's Fate, the second book in The Crown's Game duology! 

If you haven't seen my review of the first book, you can click here to see that!

Some information on the book & author: 

Hardcover, 432 pages
Expected publication: May 16th, 2016 by Balzer + Bray

The gorgeous and darkly compelling sequel to The Crown’s Game—perfect for fans of Red Queen and Shadow and Bone.

Magic is growing, shadows are rising, and the throne is at stake…

Russia is on the brink of great change. Pasha’s coronation approaches, and Vika is now the Imperial Enchanter, but the role she once coveted may be more difficult—and dangerous—than she ever expected.

Pasha is grappling with his own problems—his legitimacy is in doubt, the girl he loves loathes him, and he believes his best friend is dead. When a challenger to the throne emerges—and with the magic in Russia growing rapidly—Pasha must do whatever it takes to keep his position and protect his kingdom.

For Nikolai, the ending of the Crown’s Game stung deeply. Although he just managed to escape death, Nikolai remains alone, a shadow hidden in a not-quite-real world of his own creation. But when he’s given a second chance at life—tied to a dark price—Nikolai must decide just how far he’s willing to go to return to the world.

With revolution on the rise, dangerous new magic rearing up, and a tsardom up for the taking, Vika, Nikolai, and Pasha must fight—or face the destruction of not only their world but also themselves.

About the author:

Evelyn Skye is the New York Times bestselling author of THE CROWN’S GAME (out now!) and THE CROWN’S FATE (May 16, 2017). She was once offered a job by the C.I.A., she not-so-secretly wishes she was on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and if you challenge her to a pizza-eating contest, she guarantees she will win. When Evelyn isn’t writing, she can be found chasing her daughter on the playground or sitting on the couch, immersed in a good book and eating way too many cookies.

As part of this wonderful tour, I have created a character based book tag! This tag features all of the characters in The Crown's Game (which character descriptions can be found on Evelyn's website, where she has a page for character profiles, which was fun to look at) For each of the ten main characters in The Crowns Game I have created a character-based question, to do specifically to the character! I have made some graphics to go along with all of the questions, and if you would like to complete the book tag please feel free to use them!

*I haven't read The Crown's Fate yet, as ARCs in Australia are not yet available, I cannot confirm that all of these characters will be in The Crown's Fate, but the majority will.*

All of the questions are written in a large size and my answers will be in normal size bold.

Question 1:
Vika is a master when it comes to controlling the elements. If you could choose one element to control, which one would it be & why?

This is a hard decision but I think I would have to choose water. Mainly because I love the ocean, and the rain. It would just be amazing to be able to control something that is liquid. Especially if I could sculpt it in to something beautiful. This power could also mean being able to source or find water anywhere, which could be very useful if I were to get lost!

Question 2:
If you could choose between Nikolai's two best magical talents, manipulating mechanics or tailoring clothing, which would you choose and why?

As tempting as tailoring clothing is, I would have to say manipulating mechanics. Because fixing things would be so much easier, you wouldn't have to mess around with different cogs and gears you could just magically fix whatever it was that wasn't working. Like if your car broke down, manipulating metal would be an excellent skill to have.

Question 3:
Pasha happens to be the Tsesarevich (The Crown Prince.) Being a Prince can be stressful, Pasha loves to read, recommend him a book fit for a prince! (You might want to keep in mind that he loves archery) 

I think that Pasha would absoloutley love The Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner! I think that he would enjoy reading sci-fi novels, perhaps for a break from the reality of his responsibilities as a Prince and appreciate all of the action and banter these books have to offer. Also, Pasha seems to me like he would enjoy the shipping characters, so these books would be great for him. I get the feeling he'd like this Squad aswell.

Question 4:
Sergei thinks that nature is it's own version of magic. Name a natural place you've been to/want to go to that makes you believe Sergei's theory is correct.

Question 5:
Galina comes from a long line of mentors, who work tirelessly to help Enchanters work on their skills. If you were a mentor, what would your top tip be for your Enchanter on how to win the Game?

Try and be as unique as possible! Do something that will stand out, catch the eye and make passers-by stop in awe. Create something beautiful with your magic, that has never been seen before and couldn't be without magic.

Question 6:
Yuliana takes her role of Grand Princess very seriously and loves to involve herself in political affairs. She is very intelligent, but not very fun, in stark contrast to her brother Pasha. If you could choose, who would you crown as the ruler of this Empire, Pasha or Yuliana?

Pasha. I know Yuliana would be an excellent ruler of the Crown for many reasons, but I would just love to see how this world develops when Pasha is ruler and how he would change things. 

Question 7:
An incredible baker, if you could ask Ludmila to make you anything (from the book or a recipe you like to make) what would you choose?

Ludmila makes caramel several times in this book for different things, and it sounds DELICIOUS. If I could ask Ludmila to make me anything, I would ask her to make her famous caramel, and hopefully take home several jars of it to give to family and friends.

Question 8:
Would you rather have Renata read your tea leaves or be taught how to read tea leaves?

I'd rather be taught how to read tea leaves. 1) Because that would just be amazing! To be able to read people's futures from TEA LEAVES, I would love that, I know I would use that as a party trick, I would go and read whoever I could's tea leaves. 2) Because I don't want to know what is going to happen in the future (especially if it's bad!!) I'll experience it when I come to it, I don't want to know in advance.

Question 9:
Never be able to eat your favourite food for a month or meet face to face with Aizhana?

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to give up my favourite food for a month. Aizhana is terrifying, and I don't know if I could handle seeing her but also her smell (which is described alike to rot) 

Question 10:
If you could have The Tsar do one thing on your request, what would you have him do?

I would ask him to build a bookshop next to Ludmila's bakery. Books, food, magic. Perfect combination.

I TAG (Some people I know liked & have read The Crowns Game)MandsAnishaJananeeCait  and anyone who wants to complete this tag! Let me know if you do!

Thankyou so much to Brittany for hosting this blog tour.

The tour runs through January and February and all of the blogs participating and what they are posting can be found here! 

I recommend looking at what everyone is doing, this tour has some amazing posts going up!

As part of the tour, there is also a Rafflecopter giveaway for A Crown's Fate ARC, which if you are interested in this (which YES who doesn't want an ARC?! Especially for this amazing book!) you can enter below. 

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Tell me, have you read The Crown's Game? Did you like it? Are you excited for The Crown's Fate?! WOW that was a long post! *Hug if you made it to the end*

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